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Please read these Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter “terms and conditions”) carefully before using this website. By accessing and using the website and in general the services provided by SUKABUMI STONE MEXICO (hereinafter “SUKABUMI”), you ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE TO COMPLY with the following Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept the Terms and Conditions, do not use the website and other services of SUKABUMI.


SUKABUMI It has a technological platform, through a website with the same name, which manages the purchase and sale of natural stone items. All the services you provide SUKABUMI They will be requested through the website and will be included in the Terms and Conditions.

For the use of the service offered SUKABUMI, it is necessary to be over 18 years old, create a record in the database of SUKABUMI, providing personal information such as email, address and credit card information. SUKABUMI will provide a personal account that can be used by the user, through the password that he himself generates.


The website will allow the user access to information about SUKABUMI such as, line of business, products, mission, vision, purchase method, as well as the variety of products that SUKABUMI offers.

The website will allow the user to make purchases online, in accordance with the purchase, payment and shipping methods that are published by SUKABUMI.


The use of the technology platform SUKABUMI It is free and does not generate any type of charge. Intellectual property rights belong entirely to SUKABUMI.

The cost of the products published on the website of SUKABUMI, will be borne by the customer, based on the prices published at the time of purchase. Prices may change without prior notice, and the user is responsible for consulting them at the time of making their purchase.

Prior to purchasing the product, the customer can choose the way to make the payment, either by charging their credit, debit, credit card, or the various modalities that the page implements.

For payment by credit or debit card, the user must authorize the charge of the purchase by entering the security number of their bank card each time. The cost reflected in the payment receipt includes the corresponding taxes.

SUKABUMI will charge the credit or debit card that the user has previously authorized, for which it will contract the service of a third party in the process of charging the bank card, and will provide the data received by the user to this third party. As this process is a consequence of the service it provides SUKABUMI the user accepts the terms and conditions generated by the third party in the payment process, so SUKABUMI will keep them visible and current on your page

To make payments for products and/or services purchased through the portal, SUKABUMI use the services offered by open pay whose email address is open pay is an electronic payment processor for processing payments made over the Internet.

SUKABUMI will not be responsible for the errors generated in the payment process, but will maintain an open communication to resolve the inconveniences generated to the user in this process.


The following control process is required by Mexican banks due to the high number of fraudulent transactions made with credit and debit cards, so we ask for your understanding and support.

Before accepting the payment, all payments generated with credit or debit cards will be analyzed, forcing you to print, sign and send us a photo of the promissory note sent via email, in addition to attaching a photo on both sides of the official identification (INE or Passport ) in force for the cardholder.

If the credit bureau approves the transaction, the payment is accepted and the order is processed. If the credit bureau disapproves the transaction, the order goes for review.


Credit is a digital credit and prepayment system, which allows the User to have virtual money so that it can be used as an alternative payment, in the purchase of the products offered by SUKABUMI. This virtual money is issued and managed exclusively by SUKABUMI and only the user will be able to access this amount by logging into the website.

This credit can only be used on our website

Credit has no expiration date and will remain valid for as long as the User keeps his account active.

The credit obtained in this way is not transferable to other users, it cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to different bank or virtual accounts.


To request the Digital Fiscal Receipt corresponding to the purchase of the products, you must do so within a period not exceeding 5 business days from the moment you receive the email indicating that your merchandise was shipped. Invoice requests for purchases from previous months will not proceed.

The request for the tax receipt must be sent to the email within the period of 5 days indicated, including the following requirements:

  1. Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC) with Homoclave.
  2. Full name or business name.
  3. Full Fiscal Address including street, neighborhood, delegation or municipality, state and zip code.
  4. Purchase order number.
  5. Personal data: Full name and email account with which the purchase was made.
  6. Payment method
  7. Use of CFDI

The digital tax receipt or digital invoice will be sent to the email account provided, within a period not exceeding 5 business days. Invoice requests will not proceed for previous purchases in which the billing request had not been made within the established 5-day period, nor for previous months.


SUKABUMI is not responsible for any damage, harm or loss to the user caused by failures in the system, the server or the Internet. The client may not impute any responsibility or demand payment for lost profits, by virtue of damages resulting from technical difficulties or failures in the systems or on the Internet. SUKABUMI does not guarantee uninterrupted access and use of its website.


The contents of the website related to the products of SUKABUMI as well as the programs, databases, networks, files and other instruments that allow the client to access and use their account, are the property of SUKABUMI and are protected by the laws and international treaties of copyright, trademarks, patents, models and industrial designs. The improper use and total or partial reproduction of said contents are prohibited, unless expressly authorized in writing by SUKABUMI.

The client will refrain from:

  1. Use the images or functions of the website for profit; Y
  2. Execute a program that automatically hinders or hinders the operation of the website.


To use the services and products offered by SUKABUMI, the client must provide certain personal data. Your personal information is processed and stored on servers or magnetic media that maintain high standards of security and both physical and technological protection. For more information on the privacy of Personal Data and cases in which personal information will be disclosed, you can consult our Privacy Notice on the website


Any action or use of a device, software or other means tending to interfere with the operations, services, products, accounts or databases of a SUKABUMI. Any interference, attempt or activity that violates or is contrary to the laws on intellectual property rights and/or the prohibitions stipulated in these Terms and Conditions, will oblige the offender to the sanctions provided for in this agreement, as well as making him responsible for indemnifying the damages caused. .


SUKABUMI may modify the Terms and Conditions at any time by making the modified terms public on the website All modified terms will be effective the day after they are posted.


SUKABUMI and the user agree that the notifications generated as a result of these terms and conditions will be made via email to the account provided by the user and the one published by SUKABUMI.


These terms and conditions are governed by the laws in force in the Mexican Republic, in particular regarding data messages, electronic contracting and electronic commerce will be governed by the provisions of the respective federal legislation.

For the interpretation, fulfillment and execution of this contract, the parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the competent courts of the City of Guadalajara, Jalisco, consequently renouncing any jurisdiction that may correspond to them due to their present or future domicile.










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