Shipping Policy


In case you have opted for home delivery, the following provisions will apply:
  1. Before making the transaction, you will be told the time in which your purchase can be delivered, that is, from 48 to 96 hours. The estimated delivery time for your exclusive online sales products varies from 5 to 15 calendar days, depending on their destination. You can check the estimated delivery time by phone or online chat.
  2. Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday without specific hours, except holidays.
  3. Unless a promotion applies, Home Delivery has a cost that must be paid by the Client at the time of the transaction: this cost will be shown to you and will be clearly identified within the transaction.
  4. The products may only be delivered to the address expressed for this purpose in the transaction. Likewise, the reception of products must be made by the Client, or by the person authorized to receive the products in the transaction, who must present an official identification with a photograph, be it an IFE/INE credential, a valid passport, a professional ID or a document that proves the legal stay in the country (in the case of foreigners), as well as the proof of purchase or the email confirming the transaction.
  5. All our home delivery orders do not include unloading maneuver, unless expressly indicated otherwise. Deliveries are restricted, including but not limited to, when maneuvers involving the use of pulleys and/or specialized equipment are carried out, when the integrity of the product, the property of the Client or the safety of people are put at risk, when merchandise is disassembled and/or home facilities are modified, such as: removing doors and/or windows. In no case is installation of any kind included.
  6. The maximum time for you to receive your products at the address registered in your purchase order is 15 calendar days from the date you received your email notifying you that your order is in transit.


Returns only apply for factory defects or damage to the product. In partial returns, where only some parts are requested to be returned, the cost of freight is not refundable.

Sukabumi Stone Mexico retains the right to cancel the transaction and return it to the original form of payment within 7 to 15 business days, in the following cases:

  1. If the client does not agree with the replacement of a product without availability for one with similar characteristics, either because he was not located on the phone or email provided at the time of making the transaction within a period of 15 calendar days after the date shopping.
  2. When in a period of 15 calendar days from the date of purchase, the customer cannot be contacted at the telephone or email provided at the time of making the transaction to notify them of eventualities with their purchase order such as the availability of products, follow-up or data validation.
  3. When a home delivery order has exceeded more than 2 notifications to the email that the client registered when making the transaction and the acknowledgment of receipt is not obtained from the client within a maximum period of 15 calendar days.


In case of return of the product for reasons beyond SUKABUMI STONE MEXICO, it is understood that you have received the correct product and in perfect condition. It must be within the next 48 hours of receiving your product.

All shipping costs will be incurred by the User or Client, taking into account that the shipment of the new merchandise will proceed ALWAYS AND WHEN THE MERCHANDISE HAS BEEN RECEIVED IN THE SAME CONDITIONS in which it was initially sent and the corresponding payment is made in case there is a difference in cost.










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